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2021 Social Media + Newsletter Hacks

Social Media for Chiropractors


There are MILLIONS of potential new patients sitting in front of their laptops and phones RIGHT NOW, who need your services sooner or later. So why aren’t you staking your claim, and getting a piece of the pie? We’ve heard all sorts of excuses…

  • “Social Media is too time consuming”

  • “I don’t think Social Media will work for me”

  • “I won’t support Mark Zuckerberg because he’s a Communist”

  • “I don’t know how to create content that is engaging”

  • “The ‘gal’ who used to do it for me left”

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Mon. Feb 15 – Wed. Feb 17
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Let’s face it, it’s 2021… spinal screenings, Lunch ‘n Learns, and Dinner with the Doc, aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s time you get in front of new patients the way they want to be interacted with.

We have developed a simple, easy, 3-day challenge to help teach you how to get in front of new clients digitally. Our 3-day challenge will not only educate you on the mindset, skills, and understanding of easy ways to market yourself in 2021, but it will also provide valuable insight on what new patients actually want to see. No more preparing a presentation to half-listening audiences, instead, learn how to create content that drives new patients through your doors.

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Here’s What You’ll Get…

Day 1
New Patient

Day 2
Content that
Creates Clicks

Day 3
Newsletters that
Drive Visits

Day 4

Day 5
Bonus Day +
Q & A

Dr. Chris

“So much value… I can’t wait to post consistently!”

Dr. Jenn

“After sending my first newsletter, I got 4 new patients! Thank you!”

Dr. Rachel

“I can’t believe the success I’ve had from using these methods!”

Dr. Marcus

“Without a doubt, the most educational 3 hours I’ve ever spent!”

Dr. Maria

“Hands down, the BEST real-world education outside of school!”

About The Chiro Couple

Nona Djavid and Ardavan Javid

Married chiropractic couple, Dr Nona Djavid – founder of Part-Time Million Dollar Chiro Practice, and Ardavan Javid – founder of MyChiroPractice, have decided to team up together, and teach chiropractors how to propel themselves onto the path to financial freedom and an extraordinary life.

Dr Nona’s extraordinary systems, conviction, and communication techniques, combined with her husbands branding and marketing expertise led her to a part-time, 7-figure annual income at her Newport Beach, CA practice year after year.

Their goal is to help chiropractors tap into their vast potential, by implementing easy-to-follow steps and systems into their already-thriving practices.

Chiropractors… where can you take your practice

  • Without conveying VALUE to your patients…
  • Without targeting and understanding your true NICHE
  • Without CRUSHING it on social media…
  • Without creating quality CONTENT
  • Without portraying TRUST through your brand…
  • Without a FOCUSED mindset…

Most likely, the OTHER chiropractor in your area will utilizing digital marketing at YOUR expense!

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